What Does a Franchise Consultant Do?

There are videos on YouTube which can give Franchise Consultants a bad rap– here’s the TRUTH about what a GOOD Franchise Consultant will do for YOU.

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A Franchise Consultant will be many things to you throughout your process of exploring franchise ownership:

A Franchise Consultant will be your trusted advisor. They will ask questions to understand your goals, what you want to achieve, and in what time frame. They’ll ask pointed questions to better understand who you are and what type of investment could be right for you.

A good Franchise Consultant has years of history and relationships with franchisors. There’s a lot of different criteria that go into how we match candidates with the franchisor. Selecting the right franchise for a candidate is more of an art than a science, and for me, it’s based largely on my relationships with the particular franchise owners. Candidates tend to do their research, which is totally fine– but no smart franchisor is putting their secret sauce out on the Internet for all of their competitors to see. So, anything that you’re going to read on a website isn’t all you’re going to need to know to move forward with the opportunity. Investing in a franchise is about finding people you believe in, trusting and the people you want to guide you into this role.

A Franchise Consultant will not give you legal advice, but we know enough to help you understand how to put the franchise disclosure document into its proper perspective and how to help you know where to go to get the questions that you have about it answered without necessarily needing a franchise attorney. We coach candidates through validation, which is a big part of the process, where we interview the existing franchise owners to see what the people who’ve already said yes to this opportunity have to say about it. Validation is a really important piece to exploring a franchise.

If you’re working with a good, experienced Franchise Consultant, they will also help find the appropriate funding. They will have relationships with broker groups that finance franchise businesses. There are many ways to finance a franchise business. We can make it easy for you to get pre-approved within one to two business days for an SBA loan and really understand how the 401(k) rollover (ROBS) program really works, and get started in moving your money so that you have your funds available when you’re ready to say “yes.”

A good Franchise Consultant brings all decision-makers into the process. The worst thing that can happen is to only work with one decision-maker and leave the other decision-maker out. A good Franchise Consultant knows that all decision-makers must be present in order for this process to work out successfully.

A good Franchise Consultant is many things to a candidate: a trusted advisor, a friend, a life coach, a career coach, a counselor, and even sometimes a marriage counselor! I am whatever my candidates need me to be along the path of figuring out if this franchise investment is the right thing for them.

If you are ready to work with a good Franchise Consultant who has experience and a track record, who has the heart to help inspire your dream, I want to be your Daly coach.

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Enjoy my recent blog on the real value of a GOOD Franchise Consultant: https://thedalycoach.com/what-does-a-franchise-consultant-do/

Key Moments:
0:00 What is a franchise consultant’s job?
0:30 (Suggested Clip) The difference between a standard Franchise Consultant and a GOOD one
1:32 How the franchise consulting process works
2:56 Tips for how to research franchises
4:30 How long does a franchise investigation take?
8:49 A Good Franchise Consultant is all of these things:
9:36 Contact Kim Daly for a free consultation!

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