Top 3 COVID Resistant Franchises Trending in 2022

Wonder which franchises have fared best and become largely COVID-resistant since the pandemic began? Here are The Daly Coach’s Top 3 COVID-Resistant Franchises!

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I am commonly asked if I have any COVID-resistant franchises, so I thought it would be fun to share my three top COVID-resistant industries post-2020.

00:53 #3 Covid-Resistant Franchise: Salon Suites
In 2020, when the stores were able to be reopened and the business owners were able to get back to business, this business, which looks and feels like a real estate play but has business cash returns and tax advantages, so it is very appealing to investor-type people or people who want to be very hands-off in their franchise business. These business owners went from 80 percent rented to 100 percent rented with a waitlist. Because this business provides the opportunity for people in the beauty industry to take their business out of a big salon and to come into their own private suite where they can control the environment for themselves and their clients, this business proved to be the answer to COVID-19 post-2020. To learn more about this industry and some of the biggest franchise brands that are trending today, please email me using the link on the screen.

2:02 #2 Covid-Resistant Franchise: Home Services
Anything that had to do with home services absolutely exploded, not just after 2020 but in 2020. Look, when all of us were home, many of us had time and money. We weren’t taking vacations, so all of that vacation money got turned back into our homes. We were cleaning out closets and garages, so junk removal franchises were selling like we were giving them away. Plus, we were reorganizing our spaces, so opportunities where you were building shelving or cabinetry or handyman services saw unprecedented growth in 2020 and have continued that trend since that time.

All of the home services franchises that cater to the backyard, those that build patios, those that spray for mosquitoes, those that pick up dog poop, those that keep the lawn green and the trees green, outdoor lighting—all of these home services saw a huge uptick in business in 2020, making home services one of the most trending industries in franchising in 2022. To learn more about some of these home services brands that are blowing up right now, send me an email.

3:41 #1 Covid-Resistant Franchise: Mental Health Services
The Daly Coach believes is going to be the biggest brand in 2022—a mental health services franchise. This is the first of its kind. Think about this. We have franchises for chiropractors. We have franchises for eye doctors. We have franchises in the emergency room space. But until this time, we’ve never had a franchise brand that caters to mental and behavioral health. What better time than right now in 2022 to bring a brand that caters to people, families, children and their emotional and behavioral needs than right now, in 2022.

This brand came to market with 14 corporate stores. They launched their franchise in 2021. In the second half of 2021, they awarded nearly 70 territories without any validation from existing franchise owners. There are markets that are already sold out. There’s not even one business open yet, and the entire market is sold out. This business is going to crush it in 2022. If you’re interested in learning more about this particular franchise, I definitely want to hear from you now to get pre-qualified and learn where this business is growing, what markets are sold out, and what you need to qualify. You don’t need to be a therapist. You don’t need to have a license, but you do need to have a caring heart. You do need to be the kind of owner who wants to promote this brand and feel good about what you do every day when you are a franchisee in this particular company.

If you’re inspired and you want to learn more, please send me an email today. These are my top three options, but there are thousands of options out there. If you are inspired to begin your franchise investigation to find the franchise that will help you achieve your personal, professional, and financial goals, I want to be your Daly Coach. Please reach out today.

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