Is Cars a Bad Franchise? – An Analysis of All 3 Cars Movies

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0:00 Intro
1:52 Cars
22:02 Cars 2
52:44 Cars 3
1:11:29 Conclusion + Patreon

/0:16 Life is a Highway (Instrumental) β€” Rascal Flatts
/1:53 Real Gone (Instrumental) β€” Sheryl Crow
/5:07 Opening Race β€” Randy Newman
/6:28 McQueen and Sally β€” Randy Newman
/8:25 Doc Racing β€” Randy Newman
/8:57 Guido’s Turn β€” Randy Newman
/9:33 New Road β€” Randy Newman
/11:38 Bessie β€” Randy Newman
/12:53 Doc’s Challenge β€” Randy Newman
/13:57 The Thief Bunny Society β€” Per StΓΆrby Jutbring
/15:42 Lazy River β€” Daniel Koestner
/18:06 Tractor Tipping β€” Randy Newman
/18:59 Frank β€” Randy Newman
/19:46 The Final Race β€” Randy Newman
/20:58 Goodbye β€” Randy Newman
/22:00 You Might Think (Instrumental) β€” Weezer
/23:26 Radiator Reunion β€” Michael Giacchino
/26:20 Sans (Extended) β€” Undertale OST
/29:16 It’s Finn McMissile! β€” Michael Giacchino
/32:29 Going to the Backup Plan β€” Michael Giacchino
/33:54 Towkyo Takeout β€” Michael Giacchino
/36:41 The Thief Bunny Society β€” Per StΓΆrby Jutbring
/38:30 Whose Engine is This? β€” Michael Giacchino
/39:46 In the Hall of the Mountain King β€” Grieg
/45:15 Porto Corsa β€” Michael Giacchino
/47:06 The Turbomater β€” Michael Giacchino
/47:44 Steam Gardens β€” Super Mario Odyssey OST
/52:40 Run That Race (Instrumental) β€” Dan Auerbach
/54:12 Storm’s Winning Streak β€” Randy Newman
/55:23 Sistine Chapel on Wheels β€” Randy Newman
/56:32 Temple of Rust-eze β€” Randy Newman
/58:03 Drip Pan β€” Randy Newman
/59:31 Temple of Rust-eze β€” Randy Newman
/1:00:33 Pull Over, Now! / Cruz’s Racing Dreams β€” Randy Newman
/1:01:27 Letters About You β€” Randy Newman
/1:02:33 Smokey Starts Training / A Blaze of Glory β€” Randy Newman
/1:03:51 When All Your Friends Are Gone β€” Randy Newman
/1:07:08 Victory Lane β€” Randy Newman
/1:08:06 Through the Pack β€” Randy Newman
/1:09:38 Victory Lane β€” Randy Newman
/1:11:29 Life is a Highway (Instrumental) β€” Rascal Flatts
/1:14:03 Porto Corsa β€” Michael Giacchino



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