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Consult for any businesses, franchises and franchisers Special discount
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I will analyze, consult and provide feedback on each and every aspect of any business or franchise you may be planning to purchase or are operating.
I will review property and equipment lease agreements and provide feedback.
I will provide you with a factual risk and reward assessment including expectations for ROI.
I will analyse and provide factual feedback regarding franchise agreements (based on length of agreement)
I will provide feedback about your business operations and potential for growth looking forward.
I can create a detailed business plan for your new or existing business incorporating general business and industry analysis, competitor strengths and weaknesses, financial plans and projection and marketing plan.
I can create a concrete marketing plan for your business after doing a detailed market research and competitor analysis.
I can do a general valuation analysis of your operating business based upon your present P&L statements and forward looking projections.
I can help you with ongoing marketing and financial strategies for growing your business foundations.
What do I need to provide you to get a business analysis as a new buyer or business seller?,I would need as much detailed information about any business including all agreements, contracts or arrangements to provide a detailed analysis/plan/projection/summary and opinions about all aspects of a business and/or franchise.,Is all information provided to you kept confidential?,Absolutely. I will provide you with an Non-Disclosure and Confidentially agreement guaranteeing all information will be held in strict confidence and returned to you if requested or shredded upon satisfactory completion of the service. In case of electronic files, they will be completely deleted.,What if my business plan and/or marketing plan needs revisions and/or additions?,I will create all documents based on the information provided to me in addition to location, competitor and industry research which I will conduct myself and incorporate into the final document. However, if you require revisions and/or additions which are minor in scope, we will do them gratis.,What does “”minor in scope mean”” for revisions/additions?,Generally, there will always be minor issues that must be addressed to create a final professional business and/or marketing plan. “”Minor”” suggests that if those revisions/additions/clarifications take no more than a total of 2 hours to complete, they will be done at no additional cost to you.,What are your personal qualifications to do this gig?,In addition to my education as an MBA from ASU, I had been working with a large franchise corporation in almost all aspects of operations, sales, marketing and finance for the past 30+ years before I decided to retire. I have a thorough understanding of all aspects of SME and large corporations.,If I need this service finished before your suggested time frame, how much extra will it cost?,There is no extra charge to get your request finished earlier; however, please understand that I will not give you a report if it is not completed in detail and to your satisfaction. I will try to meet your timeline needs to the best of my ability but I cannot guarantee it in good conscience.,Will you be in constant contact with us and can I contact you?,Simple answer is ABSOLUTELY! I will have ongoing questions for you as you will no doubt have for me. Clear and open communication to finish this task to your satisfaction is one of the most important keys to help with a detailed business analysis or plan, whether you are a buyer or a seller.



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